Friday, March 27, 2009

works by Lee Man Fong 1

a hawker selling satay , the litle boy awaits with great expectation clings to his mom

Lee Man fong was born in China and moved to Singapore before landed in Indonesian soil, and perfecting his interpretation of Indonesian life, and became a prominent artist loved by the former first president of Indonesia, Ir Soekarno and became the palace curator. and managed to publish Soekarno art collection.

balinese woman weaving red cloth

two boys sheperd herd a water buffalo on a misty afternoon

I love his appreciation and approach of Indonesian village life, remind me of days gone by where life is simple, no rush away from the hustle and bustle of hectic modern life.

I am neither a collector having lots of money to spend on expensive painting nor an artist, just being a fan of fine arts, simply just because paintings give me so much joy I love to watch them over and over again. Painting means so much to me, so whenever I browse the internet and found a painting, I downloaded it and collect them on hard disk in digital form.
Hope through this blog, it will open lots of link of fine art by other art lover, let us share them and enjoy what life is all about.

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Md.Mosharof Hossain said...

I know the work of Affandi from having travelled many times throughout Indonesia. There was the birth of western-inspired art during his time, with a thriving art center in the beautiful village of Ubud on Bali that I had the good fortune to visit and stay awhile.
Indonesians, including Balinese, are such a talented and cultured people. Affandi's work is remarkably expressionistic, like that of painter such as Kandinsky in this untitled work( most popular famous paintings. )This painting can be seen at from where good canvas prints of western art can be ordered online.