Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the art of Basuki Abdullah

Basuki Abdullah definitely the best realist painter Indonesia ever have, he was the best in romanticizing object into glamour royalty. Some of the paintings displayed here are the collection of the first president of Indonesia Dr Ir Soekarno or widely known as Bung Karno [above], who has extensive collection of fine arts.

Jaka Tarub and goddess from kahyangan, a wellknown Javanese folklore 

Basuki Abdullah work best in painting glamour, exotic and sensual object

Basuki Abdullah depicting scenes from the mahabharata and Ramayana,  above King Rahwana kidnapping princes Shinta and was ambushed by Garuda

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Life changer said...

Was given a copy of JAKA TARUB...beautiful painting signed either Sarnail or Sarnaik.